Treating Your Headaches at Adkins Headache Center

Are you constantly suffering from chronic headaches or migraines? Do your headaches keep coming back, no matter what you try? Are you looking for relief that goes beyond the usual treatment options? An optimal solution awaits you at Adkins Headache Center.

Adkins Headache Center offers integrated care that connects patients to treatment during their diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. We specialize in tailoring individualized treatment plans with a multidisciplinary approach that includes alternative therapies, FDA-approved treatments, lifestyle modifications, counseling and pharmaceutical drugs.

Obtaining an Accurate Diagnosis

Diagnosing your type of headache is crucial for you to receive the right care. However, similar symptoms can often be present in different headache conditions, which can make diagnosis of your precise condition a difficult task. Numerous patients are often misdiagnosed prior to visiting a migraine doctor. Adkins Headache Center initiates all patient care with a comprehensive medical history that involves complete medical examinations, including any necessary supporting imaging tests, neurological exams, psychological assessments and blood work.

Our Personalized Approach to Treatment

No two individuals are alike. Receiving optimal treatment means seeking a custom-tailored plan specifically designed for you. Our migraine doctor at Adkins Headache Center will discuss your symptoms and your preferences with you to design a balanced, multidisciplinary strategy best suited for your medical condition.

Our Professional Team and Migraine Doctor at Adkins Headache Center

The founder and director of Adkins Headache Center, Doctor Heather Adkins, is a board-certified doctor for migraines with years of headache treatment experience. She remains dedicated to alleviating her patients’ headache symptoms with an effective and individualized approach. Doctor Adkins focuses on assessing and treating multiple headache and migraine disorders, including chronic migraines, migraine-associated vertigo and dizziness, menstrual migraines, sinus headaches, tension headaches, atypical facial pain and neuralgia conditions.

With her extensive experience, Doctor Adkins always factors in her patients’ physical condition and lifestyle choices when making a conclusive diagnosis. She looks beyond the symptoms of the headache condition and focuses on addressing causes of head pain to maximize her patients’ relief. Over time, Doctor Adkins’ patients learn to control, manage and prevent headache episodes by following her effective and multidisciplinary treatment approach.

As a migraine doctor specialist, Doctor Adkins has always been passionate about helping individuals live without the debilitating symptoms of headaches and migraines. In 2002, she received her Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine. She completed her residency in neurology in 2006, which she followed a year later with a headache and pain fellowship at the University of North Carolina. After her residency, Doctor Adkins honed her neurology and headache specialty skills by practicing at Nashville Neuroscience, a headache clinic affiliated with Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Prior to founding Adkins Headache Center, Doctor Adkins was an Assistant Professor in the Headache Division at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and served as the board-certified headache specialist at Chapel Hill Doctors. To this day, she has joined several professional associations, including:

Going Beyond Treatment

Our headache specialist at Adkins Headache Center are dedicated to finding efficacious, personalized treatment for patients with headache and face pain disorders. By focusing on the long-term improvement and well-being of our patients, we form relationships that go well beyond diagnosis and initial care. Our headache team is trained to adjust treatment plans as our patients’ lives change while their headaches improve.

At Adkins Headache Center, we strive to become your partner during all stages of your care – whether that is during the next month, the next year or however long you need.